- ‘Tis the season… to remember the event etiquette

Annual works Christmas events are just around the corner; and with them bring a whole host of anxious employers who are worrying about what may happen this year.
To help keep your mind at ease and your employees on the right side of fun, we have put together some simple dos & don’ts for this festive season.

DO check your HR policies and remind employees where they can be found

Take, and communicate, all reasonable steps before the event to keep it fun and safe for everyone. Politely remind all employees that they are representing the company and as such should behave in an appropriate manner – making your employees aware of your relevant HR policies ahead of the event can assist with this, for example harassment policies etc. You should also make sure that Managers and senior members of staff know how to proceed if they either witness or receive an allegation of inappropriate behaviour.

DO make sure everyone feels welcome

Try to avoid favouring one particular religion or belief with the decorations for the event, so as not to make anyone feel alienated or unwelcome. This should be a chance for everyone to come together and celebrate as a team, regardless of their personal beliefs or preferences.

DO consider your employees when planning the event

It can be very easy for the event planner to fall into the trap of planning an event suited to them, without giving too much thought about the other employees. Try to consider the type of employees you have and therefore what would be best suited to them; whether that be a day-time or evening event, with or without partners / children. Why not ask your employees what they would like to do; and advise them of any company contribution? Feedback is always useful to have.

DO make the rules clear

Whatever you decide to go with, make sure that your employees know what is happening. This includes:
• The date
• Timings
• The venue
• What is included at the event
• The dress code (being clear on what is not appropriate to wear)
• Whether partners / children are allowed and if they are subsidised by the company
• Whether any transport links are being provided

DON’T make the event compulsory

As previously mentioned, this should be a fun, celebratory event. If someone feels that they are being forced into attending, there may be a negative atmosphere which could ruin it for others. By making it a compulsory event, you could also be opening yourselves up to wage and working time related issues.

DON’T turn the event into a company meeting

Yes, you are representing the business, but you are not there to do business. Let yourself unwind and connect with your employees; this is your chance to get to know them a bit better.

DON’T let the event get out of hand

Have a set finishing time and monitor drink levels to try and ensure that no lines are crossed and the event stays enjoyable for everyone. Consider providing transportation to and from the venue to avoid the possibility of drink driving. You could either offer this free of charge to your employees, or pre-plan and ask anyone who wants to be involved to contribute towards the cost.
If you would like any more advice or help on how to ensure your employees are kept on the nice list this Christmas, contact us on 01582 883299 or email su@suallen.co.uk.